Aquamarine Delight: Discover the Magic of March Birthstone Candles

Aquamarine Delight: Discover the Magic of March Birthstone Candles

Gemstones have fascinated humankind for centuries and are respected for their beauty and symbolic importance. Like January and February, March boasts two beautiful gemstones as its birthstones (or guardians), marking the final month of winter. Birthstones tell us about the month we were born and hold a special place in our hearts. 

Have you ever wondered what the birthstone for March is? If not, let us tell you that two lovely gemstones are associated with those lucky enough to call March their birth month with this time of year. 

Two birthstones for March-born individuals? Well, yes, and they are called Aquamarine and Bloodstone. Though they are dissimilar in looks, both represent strength and determination. Candles featuring these birthstones are birthstone candles, luxury candles, or birthday gift candles.

We know you are eager to learn more about these birthstones and birthstone candles. Don't fret, folks! We are here to reduce your curiosity. 

Okay, let's start exploring March birthstone, Aquamarine.

Aquamarine: The Serene Gem

The word "Aquamarine" originates from the Latin word "Aquamarinus," which means "water from the sea." In ancient times, Roman fishermen thought aquamarine gemstones were gifted from the sea and were fetched to the shore by the waves. Aquamarine was considered especially sacred to Neptune, the god of the sea, and was supposed to bring good luck to fishermen. It is followed that The larger and darker the gemstone, the more valuable the Aquamarine is.

Origins and Appearance

Aquamarine can be discovered in numerous world regions, including Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, and the United States. The gemstone typically originates in hexagonal crystals and can vary from pale blue to a more severe blue-green color. Its clarity and brilliance make it an admiringly dreamed gemstone for jewelry. People wear pale blue Aquamarine to attract a lost lover and greenish-blue if they are tourists.

Symbolism and Meaning

This birthstone has historically held a significant place in meanings and symbolism. In the glamorous world of ancient legends, this gorgeous gemstone was valued as the precious gem of mermaids. Legends believed these stones protected sailors and anyone risking their lives in the water. Such sentiments sowed a sense of hope and comfort in the hearts of those venturing into the unexplored depths of the ocean.

This gemstone is often viewed as a symbol of tranquility, clarity, and communication. Its serene blue hue prompts a sense of calm akin to ocean waves' gentle ebb and flow. Like calm water shows the big sky above, aquamarine color shows clear thinking and feelings.

It encourages individuals to embrace inner peace, fostering a sense of serenity in the chaotic whirlwind of everyday life.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Aquamarine is a pretty gemstone that people think can make you feel more pleasing. They say it calms you down, makes you less stressed, and helps you feel more comfortable. Indeed, it can help a person to speak clearly and express themself more precisely. People adore Aquamarine because it looks nice and helps to make life more balanced and peaceful.

Aquamarine: A March Birthstone Candle

So, in the above part, we learned about special rocks called gemstones. But what is a birthstone candle? How can we get them? Birthstones are used to make Birthstone candles, especially for people born in March. You can sell these candles to customers with a real semi-precious gemstone inside. They're a nice item to remember when important dates are for people you care about. Birthstone candles are usually given as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and weddings. Inside the candle, there's a nice-smelling jewel and a pretty aquamarine rock. As the candle melts, the rock becomes observable. It not only makes your home smell nice, but it also makes you feel good and more comfortable. Yes, of course, you can give this special candle to yourself or someone you care about as a nice gift. 

Want to purchase an aquamarine birthstone candle? 

After learning about these beautiful gemstones and birthstone candles that can be bought easily, you might be looking for a shop or store to help you get a March birthstone candle. 

Then, yes, at Avelaur Candles, we sell birthstone candles that suit you well. Birthstone candles have the potential to foster profound experiences and develop strong connections. This is exactly why we prepare these candles, merging the charm and power of gemstones with the soothing aura of candlelight, allowing you to honor yourselves or your loved ones.

Each of our candles, including luxury candles and birthday gift candles, makes the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. Candles can convert a room, a mood, and even a moment. They are hand-poured in small batches using natural soy and are scented with essential oils to provide an exciting surprise with a beautiful and aromatic experience.

On our official website, you can purchase Aquamarine, a March birthstone candle perfect for March birthdays, at USD 59.99.

Just for your information, we have special candles for each month of the year. If you want a candle that matches your birthday month, you can check out our shop page for more choices.

 We hope these candles, with birthstones in them, make you feel happy, cozy, and motivated!!

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